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Hello World!

May 31, 2013

We are proud to announce the launch of StatTrackr API Beta! 

First of all, what is StatTrackr?

StatTrackr is a brand new service being built by Slyce. StatTrackr is being built to be a compliment to Slyce’s most popular app: Basketball Shot Tracker HD. Basketball Shot Tracker HD has continued to to remain a success over the last two years by our users giving us valuable feedback on the features they love and updates they would like to see in the future. One of the most common feature requests we receives was that our users wanted an easier method of sharing their stats with their family, friends, and fans. We built StatTrackr in order to help our users acheive this goal. The main goal of StatTrackr is to make it easy for players/teams to share their stats with the world and to open up stat recording. StatTrackr allows anyone the ability to record shots and stats for players or teams and allows the players or teams to approve the records that are accurate.

When will this come to Basketball Shot Tracker HD?

StatTrackr support is currently being built into Basketball Shot Tracker HD and will come out officially in the 3.0 update which should be due out in the next couple of months. Along with the much anticipated inclusion of StatTrackr, Basketball Shot Tracker HD 3.0 will also include many other requested features such as multi-team tracking and other vast improvements. We are taking our time with this update because usability remains our number one concern with Shot Tracker HD, and we are taking our time to make sure that Basketball Shot Tracker HD continues to have the easiest and fastest recording of stats in app market.

The beta release of StatTrackr API.

We are releasing the beta of the StatTrackr API in order to help us smooth out the wrinkles before the release of Basketball Shot Tracker HD. StatTrackr API gives you access to every single aspect of StatTrackr that is available to Basketball Shot Tracker HD. We want StatTrackr to be able to grow independantly of Basketball Shot Tracker HD, which is why we have opened up the API and database. Every major database of basketball statistics focuses on the elite teams and players and is not really open for the public to use. We hope to disrupt this with StatTrackr API. We will be allowing anyone access to the database of stats collected by Basketball Shot Tracker HDs tens of thousands of users and we are allowing any other developer to store their app’s stats in that database as well.

This is huge because now it means that any developer can use StatTrackr as a cloud backup for their user’s basketball stats and allow their users to share their stats easily through

When can I have access?

As I stated before, StatTrackr API is still in beta and we are doing a slow rollout to outside developers. This means that the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will receive access to our wonderful API. In the meantime, you can head over to our Docs and become familiar with our API.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send us an email at If you get involved in this way by talking to us about our API, it will show us that you are committed to helping StatTrackr grow and could earn you an early invite, so please give us any feedback you may have, especially if you are a developer of another basketball stats app.

We can’t wait to let other developers get their hands on StatTrackr and show you even more features in the near future.